Monday, 10 June 2013

Ruby Programming Demo

Ruby , as described before this post, is most powerfull interpreted language.
Syntax used in Ruby is just like Perl, Lisp and SmallTalk which doesn't means that you have to learn these languages first. But you can start learning ruby if and only if you have some basic programming knowledge like control statements(e.g. looping), conditional statements(e.g. if else).
Now as you know what ruby language is and where it is used?
 So we start our practice by implementing our first program i.e. Printing "Hello World"

I have made a video for this Program tutorials.
Program is given below:-

puts "Hello World!!!"


Above program results in Printing Hello World!!! on the screen.
The tutorial is shown below so have a look over it...

For any query feel free to contact us by leaving your valuable comment on the post or on the video.....


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