Sunday, 9 December 2012

DVM(Dalvik Virtual Machine)

As we are familiar with the two major problems in mobiles,given as:-
i) Less Memory
i) Limited Battery Backup

Keeping these tow limitations in mind, we use Register Based Process Virtual Machine in Mobiles.
DVM is also an Register Based  Process Virtual Machine whereas JVM is an Stack Based Process Virtual Machine.

As in JVM, after compilation it gives BYTE Code which is platform-independant Intermidiate Code.

 Java File
(Compiled by java Compiler)
Byte Code
(.class File)
Dalvik Executable Code
(.dex File)

Just Like JVM, after compilation it generates DEX code i.e. Dalvik Executable Code which is also an platform independant Intermediate Code.

DVM Uses less memory for the execution of an instruction so that it is efficient in case of less memory as in mobiles.


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