Saturday, 8 June 2013

RUBY Introduction

RUBY Programming language
  • Ruby is one of the most powerful programming language.
  • It is object-oriented programming langauge.
  • It is an interpreted language i.e. A little bit code conventions are there.
  • Its the simplest one of all Object-Oriented languages.
  • The code saved in file with the extension either .rb or .rbw
  • All the facilty is provided in this like Window Programming, Console Programming.
  • This is used on web also in combination with rails.
  • RUBY ON RAILS which is one of the most powerful scripting language.
  • Scripting languages are the languages which run directly i.e. no need to convert them first into machine-dependent code.So it is the fastest language.
  • The code convention are similar to PERL, SMALL-TALK, LISP, ADA, EIFFEL.
  • It is the language which is similar to HUMAN BODY i.e Simpler from outside Complex from inside.
  • This is the language with balanced functional programming with impretive programming.
  • Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, Creator Of Ruby, often said that "he is trying to make Ruby Natural, but not simple.
  • After its public release in 1995, It has drawn devoted coders world-wide.
  • One more thing about ruby is its free of cost. That means anyone can be expert in this without paying anything.
  • It also provide the facility of calculator i.e. We can any computation directly without writing any code.


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