Sunday, 9 December 2012

Process Virtual Machine

Process Virtual Machine Continued.....

As you know, Process Virtual Machines are used to support an O.S. in the execution of an application.
     JVM(Java Virtual Machine), CLR, DVM(Dalvik Virtual Machine), etc.
On the basis of its architecture, we have two types of Process Virtual Machine:-
  1.  Stack Based Process Virtual Machine
  2. Register Based Process Virtual Machine
 1) Stack Based VM :-  Stack based Process Virtual machines are faster and use Reduced Instruction Set (RISC Architecture).
       JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
Main disvantage of this type of machines is that they require more memory.

2) Register Based VM :-  Register based process virtual machines are little bit slower than Stack Based Virtual Machine but take less memory to execute comparison to Stack Based Virtual Machine.
      DVM( Dalvik Virtual Machine)


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