Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Android Introduction

Android is an open source mobile platform provided by Google which comprises of mobile operating system, Application development framework, Run-time environment and some applications developed in Android.

Android is like an Software Stack which provides the facility to develope, to deploy and to execute an application. Software Stack means more than one software includess.

In short, Android is Linux based open source mobile application development platform or say mobile based operating system.

There are two types of mobile operating system:-
  1. Propritate  OS
  2. Open Source
Propritate OS means you can't change the Operating system files and we have to take license for developing applications in that OS i.e. we have to pay money for developing applications in propritate OS.
     I O.S. and Blackberry

Open Source OS means you can change the operating files and we don't have to take license for developing application in that OS.

One of the best thing in android is that it is open source so that we don't have to pay to create application in this or to use its API's.

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